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A Welcome from our Director

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 RWD Steve 

Hi, thank you for arriving here. If you've clicked a link to this page you are most likely facing challenges with your digital marketing, well, not to fear, you've come to the right place. 

Having run a retail business for 8 years, I fully understand the pressures placed on small business owners in terms of time and money, that is why I wanted to set up these subscription packages to give you all the benefits of a modern, sophisticated and data driven marketing  approach without the heavy cost. 

I know what you are thinking,

'this is quite cheap, so can't be that good and everyone says they are a digital marketing expert', right?

Well, firstly, the price has been set to offer the best value to you and guarantee a solid ROI. I have personally been on the other side of receiving quotes for marketing work that have left me on the floor with how out of touch they are with the finances of small businesses. Secondly, I have years of business experience, a First Class business degree and several high profile digital marketing qualifications - so, you're in good hands in terms of empathy and expertise. 

Once again thank you for taking the time to consider this subscription service, I look forward to helping you grow your business. 

Kind Regards

Stephen Vincent 

Qualifications & Skill Set

What Makes Flexible Subscriptions Your Perfect Solution?

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Here we understand the challenges small business owners  face and that no two days are ever the same. You work long hours and have so much to do, your marketing often gets put off. Even outsourcing can be a pain! One week you may want to run paid Facebook campaigns, the next you may need several new landing pages for your website or some SEO tweaks. You waste hours searching for freelancers or agencies, reading through dozens of expensive quotes just to get some work done!

However, you know to thrive in your marketplace you need to be dynamic and flexible and your marketing needs to reflect this.  So, we decided to set up our Monthly Digital Marketing Subscription packages to take the stress and strain off of you; providing you with flexible services on demand.

Subscribe and reap the benefits! Your work takes priority. No more long-winded search and tendering processes. Plus, relax knowing that the work you need won't take a sudden chunk out of your cash flow. 

What are the benefits of subscribing?

  • Flexible Services Based on Your Needs
  • Priority Work Over Non-Subscribers
  • Simple Flat Cost
  • Quick Work Turnaround
  • Work Charged in Time to Your Account
  • Dynamic Support to Help You out Manoeuvre Your Competition
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Here's what your monthly subscription can cover...

websites & seo, seo, wordpress
  • Facebook Campaign Setup & Management
  • WordPress Development & Maintenance
  • SEO Work
  • AdWords Management
  • Social Media Management & Audience Development
  • Landing Page Construction & Lead Generation

Digital Marketing Subscriptions

Small Biz

Growing Brand

This package is suitable for the small business that's looking to develop their online presence, test new tactics and develop a modern lead generating sales funnel.  

  • 15 Hours Time Bank pcm

This package is suitable for the small business that's growing quickly and needs to  add consistency to their online presence, test new tactics and satisfy a rapidly increasing customer base.

  • 20 Hours Time Bank pcm

£375 pcm*

£500 pcm*

*Minimum subscription length of 3 months applies. Payment due on start date of subscription and monthly fee paid in advance. Lack of payment on time will result in any work being stopped.


 Kathy Bailes 

 The Isle of Thanet News 

Rewind That Digital has provided an invaluable service for The Isle of Thanet News from IT, plug in and pixel advice to marketing strategies and information. They have been helpful, knowledgeable and easy to contact. We would highly recommend their varied services.

 Mia Walmsley 

 Footprint Travel & Eden Garden Rooms  

Rewind That has helped our new business to go from strength-to-strength in the digital space. From social media mechanic trials to on-site data capture implementation, Stephen is proactive in his recommendations and has executed them with very pleasing results. We continue to work with Rewind That to optimise our website and evolve our digital strategy as our business grows. We would highly recommend Rewind That for any business that wants to increase the effectiveness of their digital efforts.

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Offer Expires Soon!