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It may not be as cool as social media for most digital marketers to focus on, yet, email is 40 times more effective at generating new customers than Facebook and Twitter.

We can guide you through the steps needed to ensure YOUR email marketing efforts deliver the highest ROI possible.

To those with data, go the spoils, and we can help you harvest data professionally, both on and off line, to make you money and turn your customers into raving fans.

Lead Generation & List Growth

All businesses need to generate leads, but how do you follow them up? And, most importantly, how do you get them the convert, not just once, but as part of a sustainable relationship, one that generates you the best returns?

We can help you create ‘GREAT LEAD MAGNETS’ guaranteed to grow your lists by generating valuable leads and cutting down on time wasters.

We don’t believe in vanity list sizes or un-targeted email campaigns, we believe in delivering value and nurturing digital relationships. We are also well versed in re-engaging subscribers for whom the relationship has gone off the boil, yet have not un-subscribed.

Because of all this, and using our tried and trusted online tools, we can show you how to strategically plan campaigns, nurture and segment subscribers, offer true value and re-engage, so your email marketing efforts deliver the highest ROI possible.

Increase Open Rates & Click Rates

Nothing can happen until a subscriber has opened your email campaign. Through segmentation (Lead Magnets, and Purchase/Campaign Behaviour), strategic scheduling, clean crisp design, plus some smart tricks, we have a proven track record when it comes to increasing Open and Click Rates.

We can help you send beautiful email campaigns that your subscribers will be desperate to open every time they see your brand pop into their inbox, and construct a customised winning campaign schedule based on a dynamic promotional calendar bespoke for your brand.

Our smart email marketing strategy has helped several clients achieve a 44.2% Open Rates on mass broadcast campaigns, with an average of 30+% being the norm.

Customer Journey & Conversion Optimistaion

Email Marketing is a crucial part of your customer’s journey, it is an activity where understanding the customer journey is probably the most vital part. If done right, it can lead a prospect from basic awareness, to purchase, to re-purchase, to actively promoting your brand on their social media feeds in one of the most beautiful ways possible.

We believe in using email campaigns to achieve this, by seamlessly moving a lead from one action to the next, in order to achieve a conversion, while maintaining a lasting relationship.

Conversion Optimisation means more profits for you. Your customer journey is crucial to conversions, but we don’t stop with emails and lead magnets; we look at the whole picture. We analyse every step and interaction to help develop your website so it is fully aligned with your customer journey optimisation plan, ensuring your conversion rate is the best it can be.

If you want to ensure your customer journey and website is fully optimised to its fullest potential, and one-step above that of your competitors, get in touch!

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 Kathy Bailes 

 The Isle of Thanet News 

Rewind That Digital has provided an invaluable service for The Isle of Thanet News from IT, plug in and pixel advice to marketing strategies and information. They have been helpful, knowledgeable and easy to contact. We would highly recommend their varied services.

 Karen Bartholomew 

 MotorMouse Productions 

Rare to find such generous marketing skill, know-how and patience. But in Rewind That Digital - we found it.

An understanding and helpful ear for supporting our work.

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