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 RWD Steve 

Welcome to Rewind That Digital, I am so glad you took the time to take a look at our learning portal.

We have written 5 Learning Guides which will help you to create a customer winning and profitable online strategy.

Whether you are just getting started with digital marketing or want to improve your tactics in key areas, our learning guides provide easy to consume pro tips that will enable you to develop new strategies and maximise your ROI.

Here's What You'll Learn

Content Marketing

In this Learning Guide, you will discover the diverse types of blog posts you can use to create entertaining, informative and authoritative content to educate, and inspire visitors, and how to turn your readers into new leads.

The Learning Guide provides you with 7 downloadable PDF templates to make your blog post creation quicker, easier and more shareable. Plus, the Learning Guide lays out how to effectively promote your amazing new content on social media to get the best results.

Video Marketing

Fact, video is a powerhouse for driving sales and getting new leads. But, what do you create videos about? What format will work best for your business and engage your target market?

Our video marketing Learning Guide will give you serious food for thought. We will highlight what types of videos you can create and how they will help you make money. We cover mastering YouTube content (what to create and how you can generate a revenue stream from these videos) and how to deliver the perfect Facebook Live broadcast.

Facebook Marketing

Facebook is the dominant social media platform. The social giant’s active user base dwarfs that of any other channel and it can be leveraged to drive serious traffic to your content or sales pages.

Learn how to use Facebook as the driving force behind your marketing machine. You will discover how you can use Facebook ads to laser target your ideal customers, grab their attention, draw them to your website and how you then generate leads and grow tracked audiences for remarketing.

This guide is a must for all businesses. Plus, the ultimate Facebook driven sales funnel will be explained in detail.

Email Marketing

Email is still the top of the pile in terms of ROI.

In the Email Marketing Learning Guide, you will learn how to nurture the new leads you’re getting from your Facebook driven machine.

We will be covering how to craft the perfect ‘Welcome/Indoctrination Email’, how to create clean and clickable campaigns, how to create and use segmented lists and how to stand out in a subscriber’s inbox.

So, get your open and click rates rocketing today.

Social Customer Care

Your customers have questions 24/7 and, in this always on world, expectations of online customer care are high.

Our Social Customer Care Learning Guide will lay out a strategy as to how even small businesses with limited resources (time and money) can excel at social customer service. Our guide will show you how to deliver world class customer care through smart planning and powerful tools.

No matter what market your business serves, there’s great pro tips and practical advice to enable you to start creating raving fans.

After Reading the Guides You'll Be Ready To...

Smash Social Media Marketing
rewind that digital, marketing, social media, email marketing, website, video marketing
Target the Right People More Often 
rewind that digital, marketing, social media, email marketing, website, video marketing
Create Attention Grabbing Content
rewind that digital, marketing, social media, email marketing, website, video marketing
Generate New Leads & Increase Your Profits
rewind that digital, marketing, social media, email marketing, website, video marketing

 Paul Reid 

 Travel Consultant 

An excellent blog guide. Following the templates makes light work of what can often feel like an arduous task. I would highly recommend this guide for the easy to use downloads. (How to write blog posts guaranteed to make your business money).

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