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Our proven paid social tactics will allow you to spend more time talking to the right audience and driving quality traffic to your website, leading to stronger customer relationships, greater brand equity and result in your campaigns delivering the best possible ROI.

We do not believe in a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach. Everything we do is designed around your business goals. Our years of experience across multiple sectors, coupled with hard earned results, ensures we only apply the best practices and most effective methods to suit your needs.

PAID Facebook Campaigns

Our powerful Facebook advertising tools allow us to create highly targeted, shareable, clickable and engaging ad campaigns that guarantee to deliver the best possible ROI for your business. You’ll spend less per-click, but love the results so much you’ll divert more money to Facebook ads. In addition, our tools allow us to monitor and measure campaigns in real-time, meaning we can tweak them throughout if required to guarantee EPIC results!

We get results because, with your help, we set out to truly understand your ideal customer. Through Facebook you will be targeting prospects based on their real lives – interests, relationship status, education level, age, gender, networks and behaviour. That’s targeting based on demographics and psychographics, double whammy!

Plus, we don't just drive quality traffic to your website. Work with us and your Facebook efforts could be feeding prospects into one of the most powerful sales funnels you've ever seen. We will help you turn your web traffic into profitable audiences for up selling and remarketing.  

Social Channel Growth & Development

Making your social media presence work wonders for your business requires a proactive and dynamic strategy underpinned by valuable content, engagement and measuring success.

We can help you to develop a social growth strategy that’s built around your business goals and your target market’s demographics and psychographics. We want to ensure you have a strategy that delivers growth, increases engagement, generates leads and drives traffic.

Our three biggest goals are to help you to:

  1. Maximise revenue from existing customers by increasing recency and frequency of purchases, increasing the LTV of a customer
  2. Increase customer satisfaction and retention 
  3. Increase acquisitions by introducing your brand to, and converting, new prospects
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Social Customer Service Training

Social media has completely revolutionised customer service in terms of a customer’s expectations. In fact, studies show that 67% of Twitter users have used the platform to request customer service from a brand. Your customers will have questions 24/7 and want answers 24/7, heck they expect answers 24/7, and this is why they are moving towards social media to contact your brand.

We can provide you with expert training on the planning methods and powerful tools that will allow you to deliver WORLD CLASS customer service and help you create Raving Fans, regardless of your organisations resources.

If you’d like to ensure your customers receive top notch service and you value engagement to truly set your brand apart from your competitors, get in touch!

Professional Digital Marketing Services from £25 per-hour!

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